Meet Lissandra

At Mind Forward, we value the unique perspectives and contributions that our students bring to our clients and the organization.

Lissandra, a student from Sheridan College’s Social Service Worker program, recently completed her placement with us and truly exemplifies the organizations values and dedication to our clients. This was evident in her daily interactions with our Day Program clients and staff, where she strived to make a lasting impact on everyone she meets.

Lissandra’s practicum placement involved facilitating virtual and in-person groups, including “Culinary Creations” and “Brunch and Binge”. She also co-facilitated Bingo on Thursdays and assisted clients on the elevator and in the lunchroom, ensuring everyone felt supported.

One of Lissandra’s most memorable experiences involves supporting a client to prepare a traditional meal from his culture and him declaring it was his “best day ever”. Moments like this highlight the profound influence our students can have.

Through her time at Mind Forward, Lissandra has not only gained confidence but also the skills necessary for her future career. Her experiences have empowered her to speak in large groups and effectively use what she’s learned from her studies.

As her placement comes to an end, Lissandra is thankful for the invaluable interactions with her supervisors, team leads staff, clients, and managers. She appreciates the time she was able to spend with our community and looks forward to carrying these lessons into her future endeavors.

Thank you, Lissandra, for your wonderful contributions to Mind Forward. We are proud to have played a part in your professional development and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!