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Lighting Up the Clock Tower for Brain Injury Awareness Month

On June 4th, Mind Forward kicked off Brain Injury Awareness Month with a vibrant Clock [...]

The Construction Life Podcast Epidsode #585 – The Truth About Brain Injuries with Mind Forward Brain Injury Services

Brain injuries are a significant concern on construction sites, where the risk of head trauma [...]

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

As we step into June, we are proud to recognize Brain Injury Awareness Month. This [...]

Spring Fling 2024: Celebrating a New Season at Mind Forward

On May 23rd, we hosted a spectacular Spring Fling BBQ event, bringing together clients, staff, [...]

Meet Kyndra, a Client Program Facilitator

Meet Kyndra, a Client Program Facilitator (CPF) who has been with Mind Forward since September [...]

Meet Anthony

Meet Anthony, a brain injury survivor who gives hope to all of us. After a [...]

PRESS FORWARD SPRING 2024 – Client Magazine

Enjoy our Spring 2024 Magazine!Press Forward: to persevere in spite of obstacles Join us, to:Engage [...]

Memory Workshop

Join us on Wednesday, April 17th for our next educational workshop where we will delve [...]

Exploring the Healing Power of Music Therapy for Acquired Brain Injury

Brain injury can have profound and lasting effects on individuals, impacting their cognitive, physical, and [...]