About Mind Forward

A very warm welcome to the new Mind Forward Brain Injury Services website – mindforward.org. On behalf of our Social Media team, our Agency, and most importantly, the clients and caregivers we support, thank you for your interest.

This website is designed to serve those that we serve, but also – to provide an integral link to our communities (Peel, Halton and Dufferin), and our partners, advocates, and friends. It has involved several months of tremendous effort by staff, clients, and website designers. It truly does mark the beginning of a new kind of connection between the ABI community… and our Community.

In a time where awareness of the issues, challenges and needs of ABI have never been higher, and where those touched by ABI are reaching out – sometimes heartbreakingly, for more connection, resources, and recognition, there is no better means – anywhere – than the frontier which social media offers. Barriers, perceptions, prejudices, and stigma can all be overcome by the simple connectedness that the ‘net provides. Our Agency, and so many of our peers and partners in social service and healthcare have – we confess – been both too slow and too unambitious in moving towards what social media offers. This new reboot of our website is our first-step towards addressing this.

We have attempted to very carefully navigate the line between accessibility and openness, while honouring and protecting privacy and client rights, in the design and content of this website. Client feedback has had a role in all the development stages, and we hope we have created something that conveys the pride those we serve should feel, and the respect that they deserve.

This is the beginning of an ambitious social media face, and we turn to our clients, their family members and caregivers, our partners, and advocates of all stripes to assist us in making this message clearer, more embracing, and more inclusive. Please watch for the growth of not only this site, but the other expressions of social media that will follow.

Finally, if your time in a site is not fun… then the enterprise, frankly, has failed. We hope that as you navigate, share in photos and video/ streaming (to come!), and utilize the resources and links that are here, you experience what the futurist Tom Peters calls ‘wow factor’. We would like you to become ‘raving fans’ of this site. Help us to do so with your suggestions, comments, input and dialogue.

This is a community. And a community defines itself. We would like you to feel this is a community to which you can belong…


Mission Statement

Mind Forward exists so there can be the highest quality of life for individuals in Peel, Halton and Dufferin whose lives are touched by Acquired Brain Injury.