Weekly Schedules – Mississauga/Head Office

Welcome to the Mississauga (Head Office) Calendar!
Welcome to Mind Forward Brain Injury Services! Our goal is to provide a network of support for our clients, caregivers and family members, together with our community partners. We believe that our Day Program offers much more than recreation. It is also a way to build skills and confidence while connecting with others in an enjoyable way. I encourage you to try all of the groups that interest you.

Please refer to our website (www.mindforward.org) for more information, including links to our online calendar, registration forms, Lunch N’ Learns, and Special Events. To provide feedback regarding any of our services please contact the Mind Forward Ombudsperson, Ashley Budd via e-mail at ombudsperson@mindforward.org or via phone at (905) 949 4411 ext. 255.

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Day Services


10:00 Jumpstart (Dan)
11:00 Halton Check-In (Nat P.)
1:00 Discovery Group: Disfluencies (Ashley C.)
2:00 Psychosocial (Dorothy)
3:00 Conversation Street (Julie/Dan)


10:30 Men’s Group (Dorothy)
10:30 CW Peer Support (Natasha D.)
11:00 Drama Group (Shane)
1:00 Basic Sign Language (Nat P.)
3:00 Book Club: Sapiens (Ashley C.)
3:00 Games Group (Julie)


10:00 Jumpstart (Dan)
11:00 Games Group (Ashley C.)
1:00 Poetry Pause
1:00 Windsor Hill Check-In (Dorothy)
3:00 Karaoke (Shane)
3:30 Britannia Check-In (Dorothy)
4:00 Women’s Group (Dorothy)


10:00 Pet Corner (Dan)
10:30 Women’s Group (Dorothy/Natasha)
11:00 Games Group (Shane)
1:00 Psycho-Education (Natasha D.)
2:00 Drawing with Friends (Ashley C./Nat P.)
3:00 Life Kit (Ashley C./Nat P.)


10:00 Jumpstart (Dan)
11:00 Assisted Living Games (Julie)
1:00 Creative Writing (Nat P.)
1:00 Music through the Decades (Dan)