Employee Spotlight – Mel

Mel’s role as a Team Leader is pivotal. She orchestrates day-to-day tasks and works closely with clients to propel them towards increased independence and improved quality of life. Inspired by the life-altering impacts of ABI, Mel has devoted herself to be a beacon of support, ensuring that clients and their loved ones don’t navigate through this challenging period alone.

The most rewarding element? “Witnessing my clients’ perseverance, regaining confidence, and reaching their desired goals even after their injury,” Mel shares with joy.

When Mel isn’t being a superhero at work, she indulges in her passions – her children, diving into books, exploring new places, enjoying events in Toronto, and camping adventures. Balancing a demanding role, she emphasizes organization, digital detoxing, and ensuring moments of solitude and relaxation.

Mel is not just an experienced professional but a perpetual learner, undertaking courses like the Registered Therapist program and Joint Health & Safety to amplify her expertise in ABI. Her advice for budding professionals? “Be humble and open-minded. Understand that success can be achieved through numerous paths”.

Fun Facts About Mel:

Favourite Reads: James Patterson’s murder mysteries to the inspiring ‘The Book of Awesome’ by Neil Pasricha.

Dinner Companion of Choice: Nelson Mandela, an epitome of steadfast belief and recognition after enduring immense personal struggles.

A Little Mystery: Mel teases, “There’s way more to me than meets the eye!”

Thank you, Mel, for being a spectacular part of Mind Forward for over two decades! Your unwavering dedication, insightful experiences, and the heartfelt impact you’ve imprinted on your clients’ journeys are truly inspiring!