3 Chunky Monkeys Serenade Our Community With Love

The “3 Chunky Monkeys” are not just any ordinary performers; they are ambassadors of love, kindness, and happiness. These three talented girls, backed by their ukulele-strumming father, gave us an unforgettable performance that touched all who were in attendance. Their sweet, innocent voices and heartfelt melodies evoked emotions that words often fail to convey. Mind Forward clients and staff felt every note and every lyric resonating within our hearts.

With their mission always at the forefront, @the3chunkymonkeys continue to use their music for charitable causes. Their performances have raised funds for causes like “dementiacare and #sickkids and their commitment to spreading joy goes beyond just their music; it’s evident in the positive change they aim to bring to the community.

We thank the “3 Chunky Monkeys” for their unforgettable performance and for reminding us of the strength of the human spirit. You have touched the hearts of many brain injury survivors.