How Brain Performance Optimization Is Transforming Sport—And Potentially Business

An interesting read on technology and brain performance optimization can potentially help maximize employee and business performance. Neuroscientist, Dr. Ryan D’Arcy shares information on how brain performance optimization can help in the world of contact sports, especially for athletes who sustain concussion(s).

Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur & President of NeuroCatch, Inc. Dr. Ryan D’Arcy shares insights on brain imaging, disorders & medical tech.

The world of sports has long been associated with toughness and resilience, with athletes lauded for their ability to endure physical and mental challenges. For example, rugby has been associated with some of the highest concussion rates of all sports. However, winning supersedes all such secondary accolades, and challenges to the notion that concussions are a badge of honor notion are rising. Instead, we have a tremendous opportunity to flip the script and honor peak brain performance.

What if even the toughest and most resilient of athletes traded away their exceptional capabilities and skills to win each time they were exposed to contact? Try asking a multimillion-dollar superstar athlete to repeatedly bang their head against a wall and then go deliver their best career performance. As we learn more about the human brain and its vulnerabilities, concerns have been raised about the potential impact of contact sports on cognitive function.

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