Educational & Training Workshops

Mind Forward is excited to deliver free workshops to anyone who may need them. The workshops aredesigned to help you expand your knowledge and develop skills about specific topics.
The workshopswill be offered once a month, online and in person at our Mississauga office. The workshops will runfrom 7pm – 8:30pm, with an opportunity for Q&A at the end with the facilitator.

For each workshop, please register with one of our Psychosocial Group Leaders: or

Sept 13th – ABI Education, Speaker: Anna Cook – Clinical Director at Mind Forward, RSW, MSW

  • Neuroanatomy of the brain
  • Gain insight into what occurs when the brain faces trauma
  • Develop an understanding on the types of brain injuries
  • Effects brain injury has on individuals
  • Common challenges after a brain injury
  • Strategies to manage challenges

Oct 11th – Behaviour Management, Speaker: Erik Petersen – Behavioural & Vocational Counsellor at Mindforward, M.A, BCBA

  • Post-Acquired Brain Injury behavior changes
  • Range of behavior changes: lack of motivation to physical aggression
  • Absence and excess of behavior
  • Impact of behavior changes on individuals and families
  • Understanding the function of problematic behaviors
  • Strategies for managing problematic behaviors

Nov 8th- Pharmacology Health withMedications,
Speaker: Dr. Seyone – Neuropsychiatrist

  • Understanding prescription medication and pharmacology
  • Benefits and impacts of specific prescription medications
  • Participant-centered approach to medication information
  • Addressing individual questions about prescribed medication
  • Engaging with participants’ specific medication concerns

Dec 13th – Healthy Living, Speaker: Tanisha Shekdar – Naturopathic Medical Graduate / Holistic Nutritionist

  • Empowering participants through nutrition knowledge
  • Making informed and healthier food choices
  • Exploring the significance of nutrition on mood, energy, sleep, and mental health
  • Practical takeaways: meal ideas and food swaps
  • Developing personalized diet plans
  • Interactive engagement for a comprehensive understanding