Meet Kyndra, a Client Program Facilitator

Meet Kyndra, a Client Program Facilitator (CPF) who has been with Mind Forward since September 2023. Kyndra embodies the dedication, compassion, and genuine desire to enhance the lives of those she serves. Let’s get to know a little bit more about this month’s Employee Spotlight!

“My role as a CPF is to implement tailored programs, where dedicated support to clients is provided with activities of daily living, and to engage in meaningful opportunities.

I have been inspired to work within the field of disability and illness since the third grade. Since then, I have utilized my passion and dedication to continue to learn and grow by exploring various career pursuits. Each individual living with a brain injury comes with different experiences and abilities. I am eager to continue to promote the independence and overall well being of our Mind Forward clients by utilizing their strengths and abilities.

Since I joined the Mind Forward family, I have learned and adapted to the day-to-day life at TRSL and Mind Forward as a whole. I have learned each client is unique and to take each day as it comes.

I am always looking to develop more professionally and personally. Over my years in the healthcare field, I have had the opportunity to participate in various trainings, conferences and webinars pertaining to servicing individuals living with disabilities and illnesses to further enhance my skills and knowledge. Having a career in this field gives us the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Working with individuals living with disabilities, one can learn gratitude, sacrifice, compassion, and the power that comes with human connection.

Working in healthcare, we take care of others and often forget ourselves. It is important that I pursue my passions and spend time with loved ones to ensure a healthy work/home life balance. My main passions outside of work would be animals, sports, music and culinary pursuits. I am a fur momma to a one-year old boxer lab puppy and two beautiful cats. I love to express my creativity through baking and by giving the results to others to enjoy. I grew up playing and watching sports such as hockey and soccer, and I’d say I’m quite the Raptors fan. My family comes from a long line of musicians, and music is embedded in my everyday routines.

My favourite movie of all time is Miracle on Ice. I remember my father putting this movie on and saying, ‘this movie shows the true side of being an athlete and the importance sport teaches you.” From the movie I learned that with hard work, a little sacrifice and determination, anything is possible. This movie also proved that nothing is given in life for free. Everything must be earned. The only negative about the movie is it’s about World Olympic Hockey Teams, and Canada was not in the movie.

If I was to have dinner with anyone living or dead, I would one hundred percent pick Amy Winehouse. I would love to hear about how it was being a woman in the music industry. I know Amy battled with mental health, and in my eyes the world failed Amy. She died too soon and too tragically. I wish I knew more about her life from her eyes. I feel that if Amy was born at a later time, with the awareness and services available to support those living with mental illness, we may very well have her alive today. She was so expressive, and one of a kind. I would love to know more about her than what was in the media.

Fun fact about myself is that I was born in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia, where I was neighbours with the great Sidney Crosby. I took my first trip on the ice as a baby at the same community rink Sid grew up playing at.”

Thank you, Kyndra, for sharing a little bit about yourself and for all that you do for our clients. We are so lucky to have you as part of the Mind Forward team!