Ice Fishing Orangeville

Nine fish caught and… a mini-lobster?!!!

Our 8th annual Ice Fishing event at Island Lake in Orangeville was another great success! Twenty-three participants enjoyed a cold, but sunny, fun filled day of ice fishing, with lots of great catches, as well as those stories about the “one that got away!”. Although the group consisted of mostly avid repeat ice fishing enthusiasts, an excited first timer pulled in the biggest fish!

Congratulations go out to Ron Iichyna in Hut #5 for first fish caught, first timer Susan Ramah in Hut #4 for the biggest fish caught and an honourable mention goes out to Janet Hewgill in Hut #3 for catching the first ever mini-lobster aka crayfish in Island Lake history! All the winners of the event will receive prizes donated by Canadian Tire representative Nick Skasko!

Every year this event brings back together the same avid participants who have been coming since 2013 and also gives new experiences to those who have never been ice fishing before, but whether a fish is caught or not, the laughter, excitement and camaraderie on the ice definitely melts your heart!