COVID ICU – A Novel Written by a Mind Forward Client

I was having a lot of difficulty dealing with anxiety during the beginning of the pandemic. I didn’t know how I was going to deal with the intense feelings, so I started doing one of the things we had been learning to do in Creative Writing class at Mind Forward—writing to help deal with emotions.

I was able to channel my anxiety and fears about the pandemic into a story, a work of fiction. As I read up on world events, medical interventions for COVID, and the personal experiences of others, a story started to take shape. I submitted my story in an international contest in May, and was awarded a prize. After that, I developed the story into a full-length novel, which has just been released on Amazon:
The novel, called COVID ICU, is a cross between the genres of romantic suspense and medical thriller. “ICU” stands for “Intensive Care Unit”, but as the story unfolds, it also reflects “I see you”. Here is the book trailer video, and description of the book:
Brought together during the worst global disaster of the century, Karly and Clay are part of the final defense that stands between life and death. As doctors persevering in the COVID Intensive Care Unit, lives hang in the balance, including their own. But the virus isn’t the only unseen adversary stalking them—an ominous presence overshadows their every move. 
Then Karly vanishes from the hospital, and the investigation ties Clay to her disappearance. Time is ticking by as Karly is locked in a battle for her life—a struggle to hold on to her sense of self as it’s forcefully wrenched away. Will Karly and Clay prevail over the demons from their past, or will Karly be lost forever?
I’ve mentioned Mind Forward on the dedication page at the front of the book, as I’ve received so much encouragement and support while working on the project. I’ve had many people to bounce ideas off of on Zoom, and have appreciated all the feedback and ideas those conversations helped generate. A big thank you to all of you!
Writing is an excellent outlet for anxiety, and right now is the best time to try it—while we have some extra time to ourselves, due to our activities being restricted. I challenge you to write something this week, even if it’s just a few phrases to start. We all have stories in our hearts, and it’s so important that we express them. It is healing for ourselves and offers empathy to others around us, showing we understand them. It also gives others insight into the challenges we face in our own lives, helping to form a bridge of connection between us. It’s those connections that will make us feel less isolated, especially in this era of the pandemic.
Now is a great time to start building those bridges of connection, through storytelling, writing, art, music, or other types of expression. The options are endless, and the support at Mind Forward through their Zoom programs can help us to reach out and connect in a meaningful way. If you haven’t checked out their monthly calendar yet and what they are offering for clients during the pandemic, it’s a great time to do so!  
Wishing you all the best, and stay safe.