Day services client paintings

Our Mind Forward “In Person Programming” Day Services are providing many different activities, games and challenges here at Head Office. One of them we are very proud of is acrylic painting. Every month, here at Mind Forward our staff presenting a new painting theme for all coming “In Person clients”. The painting of the day we are facilitating is step by step video tutorial, so our clients can learn and follow the exact steps, moves, strokes and techniques in acrylic painting. Clients are having lots of fun joining this group and are commenting their own wonderful works in the making. Our clients are inspiration for everyone to move forward, to make one step at a time and discover their inner strength to live better. Staff encourage all clients for their participation, creativity and dedication in this group and all other virtual groups. On the end of each painting adventure, staff take photographs of all paintings, save them and occasionally post them on our blog and web site. Clients, their family members and friends can see their paintings on MF web site whenever they feel checking their past achievements.