Figure Art group client paintings

After surviving brain injury, once again Mind Forward clients are reminding us all that life gives us second chance to find some new direction and talents that we all have deep down in our mind.
Desire to find new interests and to grow them into their own signature creations are bringing our clients to passion of art and painting. Devotion to adopt new learnings and experiences are leading our clients to new creative endeavours.
We welcome all interested parties to join in FIGURE ART, new virtual acrylic painting group supported by staff helping clients to create their own masterpieces step by step. If you are interested in acrylic painting you can simply go to Mind Forward website, click on upcoming events, find Figure art link that you can open and join the group every Friday at 3 pm. You can also contact Sasha at or Shane at Participating in our virtual painting group gives everyone a chance to paint and relax in the comfort of their own home instead of traveling to our HO location, where we also monthly provide creative painting within Day Services In Person Programming. We kindly ask all participants to take a photo of their completed painting and email it to staff to save it and post it on our web site and blog.