Client Spotlight: Graciela

Client Spotlight: Graciela

Meet Graciela, one of the newest members of the Mind Forward family! As a brain injury survivor, Graciela has faced her circumstances with so much strength, courage, and an inspiring positive outlook. 

After battling epilepsy for 40 years, Graciela underwent a life-altering surgery last April. Despite the initial fear and uncertainty, she overcame her doubts, only to face a prolonged hospital stay and a pause in her career. Throughout her recovery, Graciela found solace in her faith community. The support from her church and the connections she formed with a group of women who met online daily provided her with a renewed sense of purpose and positivity. This network of support played a crucial role in her journey. 

A New Perspective on Life 

Graciela’s experience has changed her outlook on life. Witnessing the struggles of others in the hospital motivated her to focus on her recovery, using speech therapy and exercises to regain her strength. Joining Mind Forward six months post-surgery was a pivotal change and reignited her ability to laugh, learn, and enjoy life through the day program. 

To those navigating life after a brain injury, Graciela offers sage advice: embrace positive activities, connect with community and family, and maintain a sense of humor! These pillars have supported her recovery and emphasize the importance of positivity and engagement in healing. 

Memorable Moments  

A significant achievement for Graciela was rediscovering her creativity through drawing and painting at Mind Forward and surprising her family (and herself!) with her newfound talent. She cherishes these milestones of personal growth and learning, which are all a part of her journey towards becoming a better version of herself. 

On difficult days, Graciela finds strength from her goals and the progress she’s made. She also finds motivation in her faith and emphasizes the importance of staying focused and grateful through life’s challenges. 

Graciela believes Mind Forward has been instrumental in her recovery by helping her to rebuild her life and regain a sense of independence. She shares that the organization has nurtured her ability to be compassionate towards herself and recognize her capabilities. 

Beyond Recovery: Interests and Inspirations 

Graciela’s interests reflect her journey and the changes she’s embraced. From starting each day reading her Bible to enjoying the company of others, she has found joy in staying positive and sharing laughter. Her favorite book, “Brain on Fire” by Susannah Cahalan, mirrors her own experiences and the power of overcoming adversity. 

If given the chance, Graciela would love to have dinner with her eldest son, who passed away after an accident. This dream reflects her deep love and longing for moments lost and underscore the importance of family and memories in her life. 

Graciela’s story is one of transformation, resilience, and hope. From facing the challenges of a brain injury to finding joy in new hobbies and connections, her journey with Mind Forward has been a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Graciela’s life changes, her recovery, and her positive outlook inspire us all and remind us of the power of support, faith, and the courage to embrace life’s challenges with a smile.  Thank you, Graciela, for sharing your story with us!