COVID – Collaborative Video – Mind Forward

Hi everyone, it’s Brad Crosby, I’m a case manager up in Orangeville. I wanted to take a moment to especially thank you all for your contributions to this project. Covid-19 is a scary disease, the two biggest factors of it is that we have to stay inside and we have to stay away from others. Those are the two basic human instincts, is that we want to be around other people and we want to socialize –  essentially the strength of what Mind Forward is. It’s a community of people that allows us all to get together and spend time with one another and socialize with one another.

Covid-19 has taken a large portion of that away from us. So, the fact that we can contribute and share in this project, I think speaks volumes to the power of our community. I think we are all very strong and I think we are going to be stronger for having done this. So, I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for contributing to these. I want you to sit back and enjoy the videos and be respectful, joyful and sharing the work and the creation of others.