Celebrating Joan: A Pillar of Care and Compassion

Employee spotlight - Joan

Today, we have the pleasure of honoring Joan, an esteemed member of the Mind Forward family for three years. As a Client Program Facilitator (CPF), Joan plays a pivotal role in providing top-tier care and programs for our clients, ensuring their journey towards rehabilitation is supported with expertise and compassion.

Joan’s dedication to working with individuals with acquired brain injuries stems from her extensive training, knowledge, and unwavering drive to provide care to those in need. Her genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of others shines through in every interaction she has with our clients.

The most rewarding aspect of Joan’s work lies in the smiles and appreciation she receives from her clients after engaging with them. Witnessing their progress and seeing them thrive under her care brings immense joy and fulfillment to her role.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Joan finds passion in events planning, showcasing her creativity and organizational skills beyond the walls of Mind Forward. She understands the importance of maintaining balance and prioritizing self-care in the demanding and sensitive nature of her work, and ensures she takes time for rest and relaxation to recharge her batteries.

In terms of professional development, Joan offers straightforward advice to those considering a career in this field: if you have a genuine desire to care for clients with ABI, then seize the opportunity and pursue it wholeheartedly.

On a lighter note, Joan shares her love for the “Equalizer” series, finding inspiration in its themes of justice and empowerment. Her dream dinner guest, Denzel Washington, reflects her admiration for his talent and charisma. Additionally, Joan harbours a passion for owning and managing a flower shop, combining her love for floristry with her knack for event planning.

Today, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Joan for her dedication, compassion, and invaluable contributions to Mind Forward.

Thank you, Joan, for all that you do!