Celebrating Richelle: A Team Leader, Caregiver, and Friend

Employee spotlight - Richelle

Meet Richelle, one of our Team Leaders at TRSL who has been with us for over a decade. Richelle was also previously a Client Program Facilitator, but no matter her title she has always viewed herself as a caregiver, a friend, and the biggest cheerleader for her clients.

From a very young age, Richelle has known she wanted to do the kind of work she does now. Helping those with disabilities has always been important to her, but when she began learning how incredible and complex the brain is she knew her future career needed to involve helping those with ABI.

Helping clients achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding parts of Richelle’s job, and she feels there are endless learning opportunities through her work. Sharing these moments with her clients is incredibly meaningful: “Every day they teach me something new, like how to play their favorite card game, the rules of the hockey game we’re watching together, how to play bingo, the list goes on and on!”

Richelle has four kids and a dog named Loki, and focuses on spending time with them outside of work. To keep a work/life balance, she loves going on long walks with her dog, reading, and making sure to rest and relax.

Richelle believes that working with those affected by brain injuries is one of the most rewarding jobs someone can have. “My advice to anyone looking to work in this field is to do it!” she says. With a deep connection to her work and personal connection to her clients, Richelle is an example of how meaningful this field of work can be.

Thank you, Richelle, for all that you do!